5. CNF Testing Cookbook

The purpose of this chapter is to direct the reader to information regarding the test suites available and where to find the test suite code for workloads.

The description of the tests can be found in the CNCF CNF Testsuite Descriptions.

The installation of the CNCF test suite is described in the CNCF CNF Testsuite Installation.

Some of the necessary tests are found in Kubernetes documentation.

6. Functest

RC2 platform testing is executed via Functest. Funbctest can be configured to execute the CNCF Testsuite as part of Functest. At this time, the ability to select specifc CNCF CNF tests is not available. Thus all of the CNCF Test will execute when called by Functest. the results of tests that are not Must or Must Not should be ignored.