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Kubernetes based Reference Architecture

This is Kubernetes based Reference Architecture (RA-2)

Release Information

Bundle: 7

Version: 0

Release Date: 4th Jan 2022

Bundle/Version History

Bundle.Version Date Note
1.0-alpha 10th January 2020 Snezka Release
3.0 15th May 2020 Baldy Release
4.0 25th Sep 2020 Baraque Release
5.0 29th Jan 2021 Elbrus Release
6.0 1st Jul 2021 Kali Release
7.0 4th Jan 2022 Lakelse Release

Overall Status

Chapter Status
Chapter 01 Complete
Chapter 02 Lots of SME feedback
Chapter 03 Lots of SME feedback
Chapter 04 Lots of SME feedback
Chapter 05 Lots of SME feedback
Chapter 06 Still developing content
Chapter 07 Lots of SME feedback
Appendix B - Guidance For workload isolation (Multitenancy) with Kubernetes for application vendors Still developing content

Required versions of most important components

Component Required version(s)
Kubernetes 1.22