Anuket Project

Available Specifications


Use Cases

The Anuket Project addresses a wide range of use cases from the Core to the Edge of the network. Different use cases supported by the Anuket Project specifications are described in ref_model:chapters/chapter02:use cases.

Roadmap and Releases

Anuket Project Technical Policies and Transition Plan

There are multiple situations where a :policy, comprised of one or more compromises and/or transitions is required to address technology that does not presently conform to the Anuket Project mandates or strategy, and hence requires explicit direction to prescribe how the situation will be treated in the present, as well as in the future. This informs workload designers how the Reference Conformance testing will respond when encountering such technologies during the qualification process, including flagging warnings and potentially errors which could prevent issuance of a conformance badge.

Other Policies

Relevant Technologies

There are different technologies used and specified by the Anuket Project specifications. The technologies section describes the relevant technologies for the Anuket Project and clarifies the Anuket Project position about them.

Other data